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Here are some of the businesses that Lord Sugar has invested in already. Amsvest have helped a diverse range of companies to achieve success – we’ve worked with inventors, recruitment experts, cake sellers, and everyone in between.

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Natural and cruelty-free skincare
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Reinventing beauty accessories
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Science Recruitment Specialists
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UK's most innovative and trusted cosmetic clinics
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Digital Marketing Agency
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Sweet gifts for every occasion
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IT and infrastructure Recruitment Specialists
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Handmade cakes and chocolates

Tropic Skincare

Susie Ma was given the opportunity to present her passion and vision for natural, cruelty-free skincare to Lord Alan Sugar. Impressed by the products, he spotted a unique business opportunity and invested, becoming a 50/50 partner in the business.

After a year of planning, Lord Sugar and Susie start their social selling business platform. Their mission is to empower people all over the country and provide them with the means to start their very own beauty business with Tropic, earning their dream salary on their own terms.


Tom Pellereau won the seventh season of BBC’s The Apprentice in 2011. This success earned him a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar, and AvenTOM is the pair’s joint venture.

Tom is an avid inventor and problem solver, and the AvenTOM brand is dedicated to reinventing the beauty accessory market. The company’s popular products include the Stylfile™, an S-shaped nail file that makes filing easier, and Nipper Clipper™ baby nail clippers, which come with a safety spyhole that makes it easier for parents to see what they’re doing.

Hyper Recruitment Solutions

Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) was founded by Ricky Martin – a qualified biochemist and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry – in partnership with Lord Sugar. The company works with clients in the science and technology sectors and takes an ethical, highly compliant approach to recruitment.

The HRS team have helped countless talented scientists to take the next step in their careers, and the company employs its own dynamic team of passionate, skilled individuals who engage with employers and candidates and assist with the day-to-day running of the business.

Dr. Leah Cosmetic Skin Clinics

Dr. Leah Totton became the ninth BBC Apprentice winner in 2013, and Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in her business idea: a chain of clinics offering anti-wrinkle injections, facial peels, fat reduction, and an array of other treatments.

Following the successful launch of a first clinic on Chiswell Street in London, Dr. Leah opened a second branch in Essex. The business has become known for its wide range of treatment options, and for its ethical, empowering approach to cosmetic procedures.

Climb Online

Climb Online is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Russell Square, London. The company’s founder, Mark Wright, won BBC One’s The Apprentice in 2014 after impressing Lord Sugar with his business plan.

Climb Online have achieved great success – and a number of awards and accreditations – by helping clients to capture more website traffic and market their businesses online. The team continues to go from strength to strength, adding new clients to their portfolio all the time.

Sweets in the City

Sarah Lynn was one of two Apprentice contestants to receive a £250,000 business investment from Lord Sugar in 2017. Sarah’s business proposal was very eye-catching indeed: since 2010, she had been selling sweet gifts in attractive personalised packaging, and now she was ready to take her business to the next level.

Since Lord Sugar came on board, Sweets in the City has become a nationwide sensation. Sarah and her business partner have been interviewed on a number of high-profile TV and radio programmes, and their flagship product – Letterbox Treats, personalised sweet boxes that fit through your door – have proven extremely popular.

Right Time Recruitment

Along with Sweets in the City’s Sarah Lynn, recruitment specialist James White was the other person to emerge victorious from the thirteenth series of BBC One’s The Apprentice in 2017. Lord Sugar decided to invest his money in Right Time Recruitment, James’s IT and infrastructure recruitment agency.

Right Time are focused on finding ‘careers that work’ for talented candidates within the IT and infrastructure sectors. The company has quickly established itself as a leading light in a very competitive field.

Ridiculously Rich by Alana

Alana Spencer started selling her homemade cakes at fairs and farmers’ markets when she was just 14 years old. Before long, several shops in her hometown had expressed an interest in selling her sweet treats, and by 2010 she had left school and founded her own fully-fledged business.

After becoming the twelfth BBC Apprentice winner in 2016, Alana put Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment to good use – not only are her cakes now available to purchase online, she also boasts a nationwide network of Brand Ambassadors and ‘Cakepreneurs’ (representatives who sell Alana’s handmade cakes at food shows and other local events).

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